What can you learn in 90 minutes?

We’ve designed five 90-minute virtual training workshops to make sure your team keeps learning even when they're trapped at home.

You can pick one of these off the shelf (click here to take a look), or get us to tailor something for your team. And we can follow up with virtual coaching to make sure it sticks. Each workshop costs £650 for up to 30 people.

We’ve been training virtually for years, so we know how to stop people’s typing finger wandering: there’s just as much practice, discussion and debate as in our face-to-face workshops.



Communications that know how people tick.

Most business communications fail because they don’t take account of how people really work.

We do. We combine linguistic flair and behavioural science to write things that change what people think and do. We write customer comms, corporate comms, speeches and stories: you name it, we’ve done it.

And we can prove it works: our writing can push response rates up, or complaints down, or change the way your people work. Whatever the brief, we’ll make every word a call to action.

Schwa grabbed the team’s attention right from the outset - balancing fun with evidence, bringing relevant examples to life and challenging the way we think about language and communication. Their effortless and effervescent style made the session a real joy and we still reference it when we’re thinking about how we speak and write. 

I can’t recommend them highly enough – the sessions are such fun that you don’t notice just how transformative they are.

Helen Lowe, head of legal operations, Co-op