Rhymes chime...
and sell cars online

If you've already downloaded The End of the Hunch, our guide to nudgy writing, you'll know all about the 'rhyme as reason effect'. (It's the one that says we tend to believe messages that rhyme more than ones that don't.) 

But whether people believe them more or not, rhymes are just really fun to write. One of our clients, Zen Auto thinks so too.

As part of their rebrand, we added some oomph to their customer journey by writing it in rhyme.

To take a look, download our book.

Communications that know how people tick.

Most business communications fail because they don’t take account of how people really work.

We do. We combine linguistic flair and behavioural science to write things that change what people think and do. We write customer comms, corporate comms, speeches and stories: you name it, we’ve done it.

And we can prove it works: our writing can push response rates up, or complaints down, or change the way your people work. Whatever the brief, we’ll make every word a call to action.

We put Schwa to the test, and they delivered. Their work has increased our sales, got more clients turning up to meetings with us, and saved us a load of work.

They challenged our language, and used psychology to nudge more people into responding. And they got our team excited about behavioural science along the way, too.

Caroline Armstrong, operations director, Lee Hecht Harrison Penna